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What is the "playTIME Series"?

The "playTIME Series" is Bens series of play-along material for drummers. Currently there are 2 releases in the series.

The first of which is Bens entire first album, "20TEN", available as audio files without drums and a complete PDF book of charts/transcriptions and descriptions of the tunes. Unlike other play-along recordings, the arrangements and mix is totally unchanged from the original release, apart from the removal of the drum tracks.  

The second in the series is entitled "playTIME ONE" and features four tunes specifically written for the purpose of release as play-along material. Recorded and Produced by Ben in various hotel rooms around the world, "playTIME ONE" is a total fusion of funk, electro, hip-hop, gospel and modern RnB, giving drummers the opportunity to just groove or totally shred!


Aren't there already enough play-alongs?


Although there does seem to be alot of play-along material out there for drummers, there is a definite lacking in well produced, carefully written and musically fulfilling play-along material that lets the drummer really feel like they are playing in a real band context. Releasing a complete, un-changed version of any album as a play-along is extremely rare but Ben wanted to give other drummers the chance to feel like they were playing with a real-live session band.  

How do I get material from the "playTIME Series"?

To download anything from the "playTIME Series", simply visit Piglet Music online distribution

OR if you would like a hardcopy of the "20TEN" play-along book, with high-quality audio files on USB, email Ben HERE